Naughty Weena

Cozy and warm is how guys feel when coming closer to Weena. She is a kitten who knows no borders for playful life. Easy to get along with as long as she gets sufficient attention. If not, she always has a mirror and her big brown vibrator she is carrying with her all the time.

mirror nude

Look at her vanity mirror. It has a big brown vibrator places right on the cup board.

Weena is the happy camper most guys dream about when thinking about a girlfriend from Europe. She loves to cuddle and be close to people. Shooting her nudes in contrast is somewhat more challenging as she doesn’t respect distance. She wants to feel if a photographer finds her attractive. Brings out some sweat since she is cute.

vagina mirror

Genuine angle at a amateur beauty.

At the end of the first pictorial 5 more followed. It was hard to keep her away from adult toys.

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