Daria Glower Shots

Normally, I shoot amateurs that are fresh and natural. One day, my talent scout in Prague asked me if I wanted to shoot an established and famous porn star. I was hesitant at first, but when she mentioned the name, Daria Glower, I was more than just curious. I have shot other porn stars in America before and was rather irritated about their artificial behavior. When researching Daria online I found her to look rather natural and agreed to the shoot. This turned out to be a great decision as she was one of the finest and nicest models to work with. Natural and professional.

However, I had to promise not to publish one of her images showing a close-up of her behind. She thought it looked too bad because it had pressing marks from the hard seat she sat in while taking the tram to my place. Hmmm, I could never find that image. I guess I erased it right away. Too bad, I really liked it.

nude on floor

Daria Glower got the looks of seduction.

The initial pictorial created around 90 sharp images with all details. While standing in front of an open window during summer dressed like a gynaecologist she proceed to sit down on her heels and play a bad apple.

daria glower

Czech beauty in perfection: Daria Glower.

At the end of this shoot it was clear we had to add more sets on the same day.

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