Cutie Maja

Most adult consumers would class her as a MILF: Maja. She is a very cute woman in her best age, around her late twenties. She is a perfect model for body studies and perspective close-ups.

behind in thong

Seductive smile steering viewers towards the mountains that lay behind.

At the time of our shooting Maja displayed knowledge about her own seductive powers. Like every confident European women of her age and profile she knew what kind of response men would give. She was natural but knew when to add a little performance to her expressions. The shooting wasn’t her first experience with open minded presentation. She wouldn’t tell what she tried, previously, but hinted at having played in porn movies. However, she would not tell where as she wasn’t proud of them. Luckily she can be proud of her nudes with us, don’t you think?

panty slipage

Peeking allowed!

Tease is her game. Maja is slow in revealing the obvious. Yet, that’s what makes her even more desirable. The first pictorial took her ontop of a wooden office desk. She would make both: Office worker and boss. Probably, she’d be a better boss than a secretary as she displays dominance in her attitude.


The boss at her office desk.

During the latter half of that first pictorial it was clear she had great talent for more sets. 60 poses and all of them flawless. Her large labia was still a bit flabby, but that changed later when Maja became more playful.

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